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Solex mixes and cuts the old and the found

Cobra High
$8 advance/Fastixx
21+ only

Some people have a use for all of their old records, not just 12-inch DJ vinyl or classic Beatles pressings, but crappy, beat-up things too old and stupid for even your parents. Dutch sound manipulator and record-store owner Elisabeth Esselink is one person to whom no record is without purpose.

As Solex, Esselink makes pure happy pop out of everything she finds: old disco singles, found recordings, nature sounds, and traffic sounds, find their way into the mix. But everything turns up in such a way that even the weirdest of sounds doesn’t sound out of place.

Solex is an example of cut-and-paste mastery, and she has soul too. She’s playing at Satyricon tonight. Expect Esselink’s infectious super-sexy stage demeanor to knock the socks off nerdy indie boys and girls alike.

Opening is underground hip-hoppers and Solex label mate’s dalek, whose dark sound is laden with heavy grooves and a political message. Also on the bill are local prog-rockers Cobra High.