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Special: Was’ Up with Siegfried & Roy?

I don’t know who people think I am, but sometimes they ask me: “Senor Miles, sir, you are Mr. Arts and Culture, no? Well, we want to know was’ up with our favorite magicians Siggy and Roy.”

I hadn’t heard of these tanned tiger taming duo until last year, when my predecessor here at the Vanguard proudly showed me some photos. Then, just a week ago, after being asked about the dynamic duo I got a package; those magicians, I wonder if they read minds.

The package contained some photos and news about Siggy and Roy. Apparently they gave Billy Crystal a backstage hocus-pocus lesson. How exciting! Mr. Crystal was in Las Vegas with his brother’s not long after shooting “America’s Sweethearts” there.

Crystal and company went to the Siegfried and Roy show then paid the duo a backstage visit at the Mirage.

There were no details at press time, but apparently Mr. Crystal has a few new tricks up his sleeve after the visit.

フᆱComing soon: Siegfied and Roy become honorary sheriffs!