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The best of the worst

Dante’s Lounge
1 S.W. Third & Burnside
Saturday April 27
21 & over

There are three good reasons to go to the Gore-o-Rama-a-Go-Go film festival at Dante’s this Saturday; the gory films, to support p:ear and to see none other than Mr. Joe Bob Briggs.

Let’s start with the films. Entrants were required to have a zombie, a monster or at least one scene of gore. They were told that extra points went to the filmmaker who could deliver all three. The DIY nature of the films means that they were made on a “shoe-string’s shoe-string budget” according to the producers of this extravaganza, Two Pussy Productions and Nexus 6 Films. The films were solicited from all across this great country and are guaranteed to contain more than enough gore to go around.

This blood-fest is designed to benefit the nonprofit organization p:ear. P:ear’s mission is to help homeless and transitional youths by building positive relationships through education, art and recreation. The purpose of which is to affirm personal worth and achieve meaningful and healthier lifestyles.

Two Pussy Productions and Nexus 6 Films chose p:ear because they appreciate the fact that the organization’s services are aimed at a “group in our community that is too often ignored. They support the tireless effort put forth to encourage these forgotten kids and make a positive change in their lives, and, as they struggle to become adults, find their place in the community.”

You too can help by attending the film festival and as an added bonus you may get to meet the illustrious Joe Bob Briggs. You may remember Briggs from his roles in “Casino”, “Face/Off” and “The Stand.” He also hosted “Monster Vision” on TNT and The Movies Channel’s “Joe Bob’s Drive in Theater.”

The judges for this event will be esteemed members of our community including David Walker of the Willamette Week, Phil Busse of the Portland Mercury, Jayn of KNRK and John Chandler of the Tribune and Barfly Magazine. Some of the major awards to be handed out for the film shorts will be “Most Gratuitous Use of Nudity,” “Least Likely to Ever See the Light of a Projector Again” and the coveted “Most Gore, Least Story.”

The evening will begin with a meet and greet from 9 to 10 p.m. Sounds like a really fun time for a great cause.