This week around the world Feb. 11–17

Feb. 11
Borno, Nigeria
Eight were killed and 50 or more injured in two separate Boko Haram incursions in the region. The first attack was a rapid-fire ambush that killed seven, and the second attack was a mass arson attack that killed one.

Feb. 13
Sepang, Malaysia
Kim Jong-nam, bother of Kim Jong-un, was assassinated at a Malaysian airport by poisoning. Once the likely successor to Kim Jong-il until an attempted trip to Disneyland, Kim had since fallen out of favor and was living abroad as a result. The apparent assassins claimed to have been duped into believing they were in a prank comedy show—a claim buttressed by the fact that one wore a shirt that read “LOL.”

Feb. 14
President Donald Trump won a trademark over his name after years of effort. This puts the future of products that are named Trump in China into question, but for the time being Chinese consumers may still buy Trump toilets and Trump condoms.

Feb. 16
Sehwan, Pakistan
A suicide bomb exploded at a Sufi shrine leaving 83 confirmed dead and estimates of up to 100 total dead and 300 injured. Regional ISIL forces have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Feb. 17
As a response to the Feb. 16 attack, Pakistan claims upward of 100 militants have been killed in security operations.