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Throw some radioactive threads on your classy chassy

All right, boys and girls, Spring Break is right around the corner and you’ll need some hip threads to ensure fashion success. Whether you’re hitting the beach or riding the slopes, a new look will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine, no matter where you spend your vacation.

So, what’s up? Surf’s up! Girls, if the waves are calling your name, slip into this summer’s most risqu퀌� swimwear: the bikini. It’s teenie, it’s weenie and it’s coming to a beach near you. Whether polka dot or striped, the skimpy suits are gaining popularity among young ladies spanning the globe.

After a day in the sun, what does a hip bird wear for a night out on the town? This spring, pedal pushers and ponytails are the most; nary a beach bunny will be seen without them. And what’s necessary to finish the look? A stylish pair of sunglasses and a tan will do just fine.

What about the surf studs? No beach bum wants to look like a wet rag, so any cat who plans on cruising the boardwalk should sport dark denim jeans and a white T-shirt to achieve that bad boy look.

Now, who doesn’t love the mountains? Pack your bags before the snow melts and get some last minute quality time bruising your behind on a glacier. Before you go, pick up some turtlenecks for you and your special friend to warm the cold nights. Nothing makes a ski vacation cozier than a beatnik attitude.

If an intimate vacation is what you’re after, then you’re probably planning a road trip; after all, nothing is more intimate than seven friends in a two-door sedan. For a trip like this, non-wrinkly items are optimal. Wool slacks provide comfort and practicality, and any sort of sweater helps one avoid unseemly creases. Choose pants with a relatively slim fit and straight leg, and top them off with crew neck sweaters for a classic ensemble with clean lines.

There’s no limit on color this spring, so liven up a basic winter wardrobe with an abundance of bright new pieces. Pink and turquoise are popular with the girls, while red, yellow and cobalt blue are being sported by many a trendy young fellow.

Slip your tootsies into canvas sneakers this spring; deck shoes aren’t just for sailors anymore! A comfortable summer shoe, when you don these cushy kicks, just add a pair of bobby socks to look like the kid next door. Mothers will approve, and boys will drool. What more could you ask for?

Finishing touches can either make or break a carefully planned outfit. Scarves are always a classy, yet versatile option for women; wear them around your neck, over your hair, as a headband or as a belt. Remember, when accessorizing it’s important to be careful about the amount of jewelry that you wear; a lady should know not to overdo it.

For men, hats can be a convenientway to avoid fixing their hair in the summer. Newsboy and fishing hats cut down glare on sunny days, and look super-hip to boot.

Despite all of the new trends hitting the streets this spring, the most essential element to any fashion plate’s wardrobe is a sense of individuality. All people know what works best for them, and should never let a passing fad overrule their better judgment, no matter how fabulous they may think they’ll look.