Untitled Mural SE Division & 9th on a cloudy day. Alexei Marin-Cortes/PSU Vanguard

Top 10 Most Instagrammable Murals in Portland

Thanks to Portland’s eccentric art community, gorgeous murals have popped up all over the city. The colors, unique depictions and artistry, make these spots some of the most instagrammable.


Capax Infiniti by Faith47

Painted on an old brick building with muted colors, this mural is aesthetic as fuck! Simply copy the murals pose so you too can pretend like you don’t see finals creeping in the distance.

Location: 1114 SW Washington St.


Everything is Everything by Zach Yarrington

You’ll need a panorama shot for this one. Stretched across an entire building side, this mural is everything your Instagram needs.

Location: 508 SE Grand Ave.


Art Fills the Void by Gorilla Wallflare

Gotta love some potassium. This iconic banana mural is photo worthy for all the right reasons.

Location: SE 12th and Division St.


Keep Portland Weird by anonymous

A mural dedicated to the exact reason our city is so great, need I say more? Embrace the weird and capture a photo with this Portland favorite.

Location: 350 W Burnside St.


Madame Butterfly by Fin Dac

A gorgeous piece detailing butterflies and culture. Definitely a must for the aspiring butterfly enthusiast.

Location: (Top of Division Heights building) 959 SE Division St.


Untitled by Fin Dac

Fin Dac strikes again with this breathtaking mural utilizing over 1,000 succulents for hair.

Location: 959 SE Division St.


Untitled by Rustam Qbic

Views from an ocean floor, this mural captures a beachy essence.

Location: 1005 SW Park Ave.


Untitled by Jade Rivera

Major Pulp Fiction Uma Thurman vibes.

Location: 524 SE Ash St.


Untitled by yoshi47

Ever wonder what the Chesire cat meeting a bucket of green paint would look like? Well look no further. Spirit animal much?

Location: 417 SE 11th Ave.