Top 8 most photogenic locations in Portland for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot

1. Pittock Mansion


This location is a stunning backdrop for a photoshoot. The mansion has been described as a  “French Renaissance-style château” with beautiful verandas, columns and spires. It gives one the feeling of being royalty staring out over the veranda at the panoramic view of Portland below.


2. Witches’ Castle (The Stone House)


This is an excellent location for a creepy Valentine’s Day photoshoot. The legend of a tragic love story on this land might be a great place to venture this Valentines Day if you’re looking for something a little more macabre to spice it up a little. This location does require a half-mile hike at minimum, but the scenery on the way down is stunning and a great place to snag some photos before reaching the main attraction. 

3. Multnomah Falls


Multnomah Falls is a great location to go if you want some typical Portland photos. Since it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state, there are often many people at the falls. However, braving the crowds is totally worth it to stand in front of the massive falls and feel the spray of water on your face and hear the thunderous fall of the water into the lower pool and base of the falls.

4. Portland Roses Mural


This location is a great quick stop for some fun and quintessential Portland vibes photos. The roses are both a shout out to our great City of Roses and a great place to go and take photos of giving your special someone some Valentine’s Day roses.   

5. Council Crest


On a clear day, you can use Council Crest as a backdrop for the 180-degree view of downtown Portland, as well as five different mountains—Mt. Hood, Mt. St Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Rainier.  


6. Cathedral Park/Saint Johns Bridge


Cathedral Park is a beautiful spot for a photoshoot. The V-shaped archways that tower above the park make a strong background to any photo. Angle your camera right and you can often catch a glimpse of the beautiful green steel St. Johns bridge in the background of your photos. 


7. Jenkins Estate


Skip the crowds and take some beautiful pictures on the 68 acres of this old-timey estate. There is something for everyone with a mix of well-manicured lawns and the more rugged typical Portland landscape. The small fish pond was my favorite spot of the estate and a great place to snap a few photos. Be sure and explore all the short trails on a stroll through this beautiful location.   


8. Swimming Elephant Mural


The mural’s uniqueness is what stands out and makes this a great spot to snap a few photos. The open lot next to the mural makes this a comfortable place to get different angles of a shot uninterrupted by cars, bikes or pedestrians.