Tough loss pushes women’s soccer out of tournament berth

In any sporting match, a team hopes to prevail over its opponent. But on Friday, Oct. 28 a victory was paramount for the Portland State women’s soccer team. With a win, the team would clinch a spot in the upcoming Big Sky Conference Tournament. With a loss, the Vikings would have to wait out later matches between other tournament contenders to find out where they stood.

The latter eventuality came to pass, as Portland fell 1–2 against the Sacramento State Hornets. Later that day, an Idaho State loss placed the team below Portland State’s standing, giving the Vikings a ray of hope. However, a subsequent Northern Colorado victory advanced that team to the final tournament berth, pushing the Vikings out of contention.

The news came on the heels of Friday’s game when the women’s soccer team left its heart on the field, fighting valiantly to come back from a 2–0 deficit in the second half. The team scored its first goal less than a minute after Sacramento State slotted in its second, but despite several close chances late in the half, was unable to get a second ball in the back of the net.

The Hornets took the lead in the 23rd minute on a goal from midfielder Jennifer Lum, who took on multiple PSU defenders, regaining a momentary loss of possession and cutting back and forth until she found an open shot, making it just inside the far post.

The match stayed 1–0 until the second half, when the Hornets’ Andrea Boehm flicked the ball in the PSU goal, using just one touch on a long free kick from teammate Rachel Leonard.

The Vikings’ lone goal in the 57th minute was an immediate, triumphant response to Sacramento State doubling its lead and came from a play that showcased just how well the women’s soccer team has learned to work together this season.

PSU defender Kristin Moyer floated a free kick from nearly midfield into the box, where the ball bounced backward off the head of a Sacramento State defender and straight to midfielder Katie Forsee. Forsee, facing away from the Hornets’ goal, flicked the ball behind her, between two defenders, where PSU forward Krystal de Ramos raced to meet it.

The Hornets defense scrambled to catch de Ramos, but she beat them to the ball and shot the ball squarely into the net from the back post.

It was a beautiful play that put wind back into the sails of the Portland State team, who had three times the shots on goal of their opponents in the remainder of the match.

However, the efforts of Sacramento State goalkeeper Kaylyn Evans, along with the crossbar and goalposts which rebounded a few Vikings shots, kept the score at 1–2 until the conclusion of the match.

The fate of the Vikings is still undecided, but there is still hope. Depending on the outcome of other college team games, the Viks may still have a spot in the Big Sky Conference.