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What employers can find out about you

What can employers find out in a background check?

-Criminal record. Almost all employers who screen their employees search for convictions in counties where the person has lived.

-Social Security check. This check, which looks at the names and addresses associated by credit bureaus with an applicant’s Social Security number, helps confirm the applicant’s identity.

-Employment history. Employers verify the dates of employment, title and salary history.

-Education. Employers verify degrees, professional licenses and certifications.

-Driving record. This is checked if the job involves driving.

-Credit reports. Companies generally don’t look at applicants’ credit reports unless it’s relevant to the job.

-Workers’ compensation claims. Employers tend to be cautious about looking at these records because of strict state laws about how they can be used.

-Civil court records. These searches are rare and usually focus on job-related lawsuits.