ASPSU elections board to be dissolved under new Constitution

Amendment would combine elections board with judicial board, forming one entity
The Associated Students of Portland State University elections board was created in order to serve as a check and balance on the other legislative and executive systems. According to the ASPSUwebsite, the board is “crucial,” as its ultimate goal is to ensure proper conduct during the election and voting processes. Now, pending approved changes made to the ASPSU Constitution, the elections board will be combined with the judicial board.
Mart Stewart-Smith the SFC chair, speaks at Sunday’s meeting.

SFC to change pay structure for student publications

University will save money by placing student leaders outside of federal and state labor laws
On Jan. 15, the Student Fee Committee held deliberations for the 2012-13 student publications’ budget proposals in a meeting attended by Dean of Student Life Michele Toppe. The SFC proposed the reclassification of student positions at Portland State publications, which includes the Vanguard, the Rearguard, Portland Spectator, KPSU, PSU–TV, Pathos and The Portland Review.

Vanguard off the record

It's been a heck of a term at the Vanguard. We've just finished our final issue for the year (on stands now - check...

In love and war

Max Faberbock’s Aimee & Jaguar delivers a tender and original romance amidst war-film clichés
Love—of the deeply felt, complex, and battle-tested variety—is so terrifyingly intimate that, while in its throes, it is nearly impossible to communicate to an outsider how it started, how it works or where’s it going. Love lives in the close-ups, in those shared unspoken moments where two imperfect beings collide, in the hope of rearranging their molecules into something closer to perfect. The two lovestruck, imperfect beings in question are, in this case, Felice and Lilly (known to each other privately as Aimee and Jaguar), the friends-then-lovers at the heart of Max Faberbock’s 1998 film, Aimee & Jaguar, playing this weekend at 5th Avenue Cinema.

Letter to the editor: Guide Dog Etiquette

We received this letter to the editor from a concerned reader who ran into issues on campus with his guide dog. His advice is quite valuable, so we’ve printed the entire letter for your information. Consider it a part of your education at PSU.
Dear Editor: I would like to address the students and faculty of the Portland State University campus. There have been several incidents which have occurred to me while walking with my guide dog Bryson which makes me feel that perhaps a note regarding the proper protocol or etiquettes when dealing with a guide dog team (the guide dog and the handler).

I’m Not There

Tuesday's edition of the Vanguard included a massive 2,000 word article that I reported on the University Studies Program here at PSU. It's a...

Letter to the editor: Response to University Studies Article

Dear Editor: The article on the University Studies program, “A University Program Studied,” [Oct. 11] contained many well-research points . We would like to add our observations to the conversation and correct a couple of items.


Human rights and pride sponsoring: In response to Elizabeth Bommarito's "Support or Advertising? Corporate sponsorship at Pride weekend raises questions" (June 28):

I recently encountered a window display at the Portland, OR downtown Nike store in support of gay-pride which is exciting because it reflects the company willingness to publicly support the queer community in its fight for the same rights, recognition, and legal protections as straight couples.

Letters to the Editor

Concerns of a Graduate: I recently graduated Portland State University, class of 2011. The tone of the ceremony was optimistic and suggested that bright futures await us five thousand plus graduates, which I hope is true.


Bad approach to journalism: I do not know how involved you were specifically in the front-page publication of the article on Adam Rahmlow's arrest—but I would like to express my extreme disappointment.


Progress and clarification: Thanks for the attention to our Exito! initiative in your May 17 front-page article ["Students seek results from Exito program," May17].



Hill to Hall: Oct. 9 -13

Arts & Culture

Finally rich

The Hawthorne Theatre is louder than usual; I’m close to the stage as mosh pits erupt behind me, though I’m too busy to gauge...


Portland State allowed a rapist to go unpunished and nearly ruined...

By Eden Paul I was raped and assaulted, then forced to participate in a process that tried to steal my dignity and resulted in Post-Traumatic...