Barbara Peacock’s exhibit at Blue Sky Gallery takes a cultural and anthropological look at the living conditions of different Americans based on their bedrooms. Courtesy of Barbara Peacock

Events Calendar July 9–15

Tuesday, July 9


Audubon to Autobon

Multnomah Arts Center

9 a.m.–9:30 p.m.


Gene Flores’ hand-colored etchings of exotic birds and human-bird hybrids confront mankind’s abuse of nature.



Low Bar Chorale: Hall & Oates

Show Bar

7:30 p.m.

$10, 21+

Instead of singing Hall & Oates songs alone in your shower, try singing them in a massive group.


Film & Theater

Echo in the Canyon

Regal Fox Tower 10

2 p.m., 4:15 p.m., 6:30 p.m.


This documentary looks at how influential the Laurel Canyon part of Los Angeles was to rock & roll history, featuring interviews with Tom Petty, Brian Wilson and more.



Horror Trivia Massacre

Home, A Bar

7:30 p.m.


Test your horror movie knowledge and possibly win some prizes for it.

Wednesday, July 10


Downward Flower

Fourteen30 Contemporary

Noon–5 p.m. & by appointment


The gallery’s summer group exhibition features different colorful works from artists Sally Saul,

Rainen Knecht, Srijon Chowdhury, Guimi You and Maria Calandra.



Jawbox, Helms Alee

Wonder Ballroom 

8:30 p.m.


Influential ‘90s D.C. act Jawbox was adamant about not making a return to the stage, but thank goodness they got over that. 


Film & Theater


Keller Auditorium

Various times through July 28

$49 & up

It’s freaking Wicked, surely you know about it.



Voices of People’s History: A Movement of Movements

Revolution Hall

6 p.m.


Activists, allies and social justice leaders gather together to share both famous and personal stories, essays and speeches regarding justice.

Thursday, July 11


‘Weathering Time’

Blue Sky Gallery

Noon–5 p.m. 


Nancy Floyd took some of the first OG selfies, documenting herself almost daily since 1982 in efforts to observe the aging female form.



Sad Horse, The Very Least, Ms. Deeds

No Fun

9:30 p.m.

$5, 21+ 

A dash of punk with a side of Devil’s Dill sandwiches, which is next door.


Film & Theater


Milagro Theatre

8 p.m. until July 13


Part pop concert, part theatrical performance, Joaquin Lopez’s one-man multidimensional show will surely be interesting.



Portland Sketch Comedy Festival

Siren Theater

7 p.m. until July 13


Remember when sketch comedy shows used to be hella popular and actually kind of funny? Well, it’s like that, but live.

Friday, July 12


‘Fourth Dimensional Issues’ Opening Reception

Melanie Floods Project

5–7 p.m.


In collaboration with Adams & Ollman, this is a mixed media showcase of Free Spirit news contributors, featuring animation, satirical sculpture and more.


Rasheed Jamal, Mic Capes, Mal London, Butter

Jack London Revue 

10 p.m.

$10–15, 21+

Both Rasheed Jamal and Mic Capes have been influential voices in local hip-hop for years now, and the perspectives riddled through their flows is provoking.


Film & Theater

Queer & Glad to Be Here

Curious Comedy Annex

7 p.m.


A mixture of visual art and theatrical performances from local LGBTQ+ artists who surely won’t be going anywhere.


Bead Faire 

Oregon Convention Center

10 a.m. until July 14


It’s literally like Renn Faire but for beads.


Saturday, July 13


“American Bedroom”

Blue Sky Gallery

Noon–5 p.m. 


Barbara Peacock’s exhibit takes a cultural and anthropological look at the living conditions of different Americans based on one very private space—their bedrooms.



Elizabeth Colour Wheel, Drowse, Taarna, Folian

High Water Mark

8:30 p.m.

$10–13, 21+

Where shoegazey punk, doom metal and ambient dark noise collide.


Film & Theater

My Little China Girl

CoHo Theater

7:30 p.m.


Performance artist Soomi Kim’s multidisciplinary work has more to do with David Bowie than you may think. 



Mississippi Street Fair

Mississippi Ave

10 a.m.–9 p.m.


Arts, crafts, music, booze and a grip load of BBQ ribs pretty much sums it up.


Sunday, July 14


Maude May

Guardino Gallery

11 a.m.–4 p.m.


May’s fiber collages mainly use old photos transferred onto linen and cotton to create eclectic, pop-style works.



The Sun Ra Arkestra 

Hollywood Theatre

8:30 p.m. through July 16


If you were able to check out the beautiful and stimulating Sun Ra exhibit at the art museum, then you’ll understand why seeing the Arkestra is a must.


Film & Theater

All About Eve 

World Trade Center



Honestly, recommended because Jillian Anderson—who played Scully on X-Files—is in it.




Rossi Farms

11 a.m.


This is Portland Monthly’s somewhat pricey but definitely worth it food festival, featuring some of the best and most hidden local eats and drinks.


Monday, July 15


6th Annual Living Mark

Verum Ultimum Art Gallery

11 a.m.– 4 p.m.


Over 40 artists feature paintings and sculptures based on the current sociopolitical climate.



Portland Country Underground

LaurelThirst Pub

6 p.m.

Free, 21+

If country music is your thing, this gaggle of local twangers play together quite often to give you your fill.


Film & Theater

Kill Me Deadly

Whitsell Auditorium

7 p.m.


One of the most blatant examples of film noir, this 1955 classic epitomizes mystery and hysteria.



Classic Simpsons Trivia Night

White Owl Social Club

7 p.m.


This isn’t that modern Simpsons shit, but a chance to relive your favorite old episodes and get tested on them.

Cervanté Pope is a music and culture journalist whose work has been included in various publications around Portland including Willamette Week, the Portland Mercury and the Portland Observer, as well as a couple of creative nonfiction anthologies. When she's not tackling a giant mountain of deadlines she can be found headbanging at a metal show, advocating for animal rights or trying to scheme a way to get on Family Feud.