A National League for Democracy (NLD) flag. Eric Shelby/PSU Vanguard

Myanmar protests in Portland

Protesters showed up at Pioneer Square on March 6 to stand with the people of Myanmar who are fighting for democracy against its military coup that took control in February in Burma. 


With a large turnout, people from every background came to show solidarity. There were several speakers, including one who shared their parents are currently living in Myanmar. After a moment of silence for Angel, also known as Kyal Sin, a Burmese protester who was recently killed at just 19, fellow protesters sang songs and raised their hands in the air showing a three-finger salute.


Protesters had flags of the National League for Democracy (NLD), a political party for Myanmar that represented democracy but folded last month when the military coup took over.


(Below the shield)


Photos were taken by Eric Shelby.