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news briefs

Free speech forum

Today from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. there will be a “Free Speech” forum for the general public, put on by Carol Martin for the Student Activities and Leadership Programs and Sergeant Michael Soto for Campus Public Safety.

Martin said the forum is intended to open up the lines of communication to students about free speech on a public campus. The forum will also address the PSU administration’s role in keeping the campus a friendly and safe place.

The forum will answer questions such as, “What is hate speech?” and “What is discrimination?” Martin said.

The director of Portland Parks and Recreation, Mark Warrenton, will be present, as well as Wendy Endress, dean of students, Kelly Gablicks, Department of Justice and Burt Christopherson, Affirmative Action among others.

For more information, contact Martin at 503-725-5654.

University honors

The Provost’s office is asking for assistance in finding students for three prestigious honors.

The three categories are; undergraduate commencement speaker, the President’s Award for Outstanding Community Engagement and the President’s Award for Outstanding University Service.

Faculty and staff can send nominations to [email protected], or phone them in to the Office of Student Affairs at 503-725-4422.

The deadline for submittals is March 21.

More than one student may be nominated for any category.