Marchers chant, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” Sean Bascom/PSU Vanguard

On Election Night, activists march for Black liberation

While the country sat on the edge of its collective seat watching election results start to come in on Nov. 3, a very large crowd gathered at Revolution Hall in Southeast Portland. The event, titled All Power to the People West Coast Solidarity, began with speakers discussing defunding the Portland Police, little-known incidents of oppression in the United States and defining Black liberation as the ability of a people to control their own destiny.


The crowd of around one thousand protesters, according to the Portland Mercury, then marched east up Stark and Belmont Streets to Cesar Chavez Boulevard and back west on Stark, returning to Revolution Hall. 

Patrons of a Belmont St bar cheer as the march passes. Sean Bascom/PSU Vanguard
Jahdi, an activist and multidisciplinary artist, leads the crowd in chants and songs such as, “No good cops! No good presidents! Give the land back to its original residents!” Sean Bascom/PSU Vanguard
Frontline Drumline keeps the pulse of the march. Sean Bascom/PSU Vanguard
Organizers leading chants as the march moves up Belmont. Sean Bascom/PSU Vanguard
A white homeowner stands on their porch shouting, “don’t do any property damage.” The crowd approaches to explain their position. Sean Bascom/PSU Vanguard
A protester leading chants as the crowd moves west on Stark, back toward Revolution Hall. Sean Bascom/PSU Vanguard