Oregon is closed, stay home

Consider this a public service announcement: Oregon is closed, stay home, don’t bother checking because the doors are all shut and you need to stay isolated for a few weeks.

In response to a rapidly rising COVID-19 spike, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced measures last seen in March are now being implemented again for two weeks statewide—except in Multnomah County, which has four weeks of closure. Gyms are closed and restaurants can no longer have sit-down service. With the politically-motivated exception of churches, events are limited to single-digit attendance and grocery stores have capacity capped at 75% max. In other words, everything is shut down except for necessities.

This aggressive action that leaves churches as the only places capable of having crowds large enough to instigate super-spreading events was obviously not well received, but that does not matter. Stay home, learn to sew or buy a Playstation 5—just do not go anywhere with more than a couple of people, and for cod’s sake WEAR A MASK.

If this restriction makes you mad on behalf of small businesses, the best response would be to lean on your elected officials to give direct stimulus to every person in the United States and assist small businesses that need help staying open. Call it a bribe, politicians love bribes.

Stay safe, wear your mask and STAY HOME. Oregon is CLOSED.