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Outdoor Program offers a variety of opportunities

This summer, many students will be looking for work and play opportunities. The Portland State Outdoor Program, located in Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 114, could offer both.

The Outdoor Program is a student-run organization, established in 1966, whose mission statement says it is interested in, “offering students the chance to enhance their academic careers through leadership development opportunities or in finding affordable ways to escape and meet fellow students.”

The office is always accepting applications from students willing to work as unpaid office volunteers who can eventually, after training in numerous areas, work their way up to a paid “trip leader” position.

“We try to create new membership options,” said student coordinator Courtney Meadows.

“It’s really great to see people who come in as volunteers, learn these outdoor skills, and then can teach other people,” she said.

Students just interested in taking advantage of some of the outdoor programs have a large number to choose from. Proposed activities for May through August include sea kayaking, rafting and mountaineering seminars, as well as water rescue and CPR classes. Fees for these activities have not been announced but will probably cost $100 to $200 dollars.

Equipment can be rented for reasonable prices from a hangar located at the Sixth Avenue Building. Small items such as tents and stove kits can go for less than $10 per day. Large items such as rafts (complete with, among other things, life jackets and paddles) can be reserved for $60 per day, though a “weekend special” rate of $90 is offered.

Previous boating experience and appropriate transportation are required to rent a raft or kayak, and a student must fill out a rental form, present ID and lay down a deposit before removing any of the equipment.

For more information on the Outdoor Program, call 503-725-5668, or visit the Web site at