Shattered glass door leading into Cramer Hall. Justin Grinnell/PSU Vanguard

Protesters break into CPSO building

Protesters broke into the Campus Public Safety Office (CPSO) and shattered windows at Cramer Hall around 9 p.m. Monday night, as reported by KOIN news.

The group traveled west across the Park Blocks where the same group “smashed windows and poured flammable liquid” inside a Starbucks, according to Multnomah County Sheriffs via Twitter. The gathering was declared an unlawful assembly shortly after. At least two arrests have been made.

Shattered glass front of a Starbucks. Justin Grinnell/PSU Vanguard

According to KOIN news, protesters gathered in Director Park before marching to the Portland State campus, chanting “Jason Washington.”  Willie Halliburton—chief of campus public safety at PSU—was at the CPSO building after police had dispersed the gathering.

“This is not what the PSU community needs,” Halliburton said about the break in. “Those people out there who want to cause destruction do it somewhere else, not PSU.” Halliburton plans to “fight aggression with peace” and remains undeterred as PSU moves toward disarmed CPSO patrols.

“I’m disappointed, but I’m optimistic,” Halliburton said.