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Sean Howard Boggs

There she is: Miss America. Flying through the sky so fancy free.

I don’t care about Miss America and neither should you. Let her speak at the commencement, I mean really, would you rather have me as your spokeswoman, uh, I mean, person? What is the big deal? Awww, I’m sorry that people are against the Ms. America pageant, boo-friggin’-hoo.

Stop complaining and protesting everything. So what if women want to show themselves off on national television and win money and such. Let them do it. No one is putting a gun to your head telling you that you have to watch the pageant, you have to enjoy the pageant, and next year, you must enter the pageant. Leave poor little Katie alone. All she wants is to be pretty and to graduate college. That’s all I want too, but you don’t see me wearing a bikini and singing opera.

Leave her alone.

Who should better represent PSU anyway? A democrat? A real-life Viking? I’m sorry to disappoint all of you “Miss America sucks because she’s prettier than me” people out there, but our very own Miss America is the best person for the job. She won’t be there promoting the pageant or to persuade you into thinking differently about women. She’s a member of the student body, and might I add, the most famous member of the student body. She met Regis for Christ’s sake!

One Anti-Katie fan claimed that he was upset because Katie doesn’t know anything about the world or about education. Who do they want – Bill Nye the Science Guy? Katie has traveled all over the world as a result of winning the pageant. She’s also experienced things that we can only dream of experiencing and met people we will only dream of meeting. She’s more of a right to speak about the country than most of the other people in Oregon do. She doesn’t need to know everything about everything, but, somehow, that’s what’s expected of her. She’s not supposed to be a role model, she’s a student trying to achieve a degree in college just like the rest of us.

Some of you think women are negatively portrayed in pageants, and the Miss America pageant is degrading and doing nothing to improve the equal rights something or other. But why complain? It’s just one time.

I don’t appreciate the Miss America pageant specifically, either, but I can respect someone who achieves something remarkable. It’s not every day a person around here gets to wear that fancy crown. As for women’s rights (and the reason I say this is because this whole issue is turning into a women’s rights issue) women aren’t treated the same way as men. Now PSU students have a woman representing them, and the women’s department is trying to shut her down.

I have never met Katie and I most likely never will. I will also not be attending the commencement for I am a rank freshman. But just leave her alone. Let her have her piece. She won’t offend anybody and she won’t talk down to anyone. She will most likely feel honored she was chosen to represent PSU – I know I would.