Cristhian Parades knocking off Christian Roldan. Eric Shelby/PSU Vanguard

Seattle Sounders Fall to Timbers

A photo essay of the Cascadia rivalry

The Portland Timbers shut out the Seattle Sounders 3-0 at Seattle’s home field in a game that was the latest installment of a decades-long rivalry. This rivalry has been active since their first match in 1975, and Seattle currently leads it 65-55-15. Prior to the match, the Sounders unveiled their CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football) Champions League (CCL) Champions banner they received after winning the tournament earlier this year.


The first photo is midfielder Cristhian Paredes knocking off Sounder Christian Roldan. This photo represents how livid this rivalry is and how seriously the players take being the champions of the Pacific Northwest.


The second photo is the unveiling of the Sounders CCL banner, along with the many other accomplishments of the team since their beginning in 1974 and transitions to other leagues.


The third photo is similar to the second photo; fans hoisting the CCL Cup, the first Major League Soccer team to win the tournament.


The fourth photo is of the fans—all 40,000 fans that attended the must-watch rivalry game. The photo is focused on the fans instead of the player, Nicolas Lodeiro, which represents the fact that not only do the players make the team but the fans who support them do as well.


The fifth photo is of two Timbers players celebrating after the first goal of the match early in the game, which got them the lead and the win for Portland.