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Students select new SFC members

Current Student Fee Committee member Chase LaGreco secured his position for next year along with four newcomers: Maude Bowman, Evan Garich, Christy Harper and Katie Wylie, Friday.

Both Bowman and Wylie said they hope to increase student participation and student awareness of the allocation process.

“The students have a right to choose,” Bowman said.

James Wright, an SFC candidate who did not get voted in, also voiced a general concern about the lack of student awareness of the student fee process.

“I want people to know what’s being spent and how it’s being spent,” he said.

Wylie echoed both Bowman and Wright, saying one of her goals as a member of the SFC is to, “get more students involved.”

Bowman said there was a lack of communication within ASPSU this year and that it hindered the way the process was carried out.

“The whole student government doesn’t communicate enough,” she said. “Communication and representation will lead to a fair process.”

The five SFC members will be under the watch of the new SFC Chair, Erin Watari. 2002-2003 SFC Chair Tracy Earll did not receive enough votes to beat the newcomer Watari.

William Emminger, the third candidate for SFC Chair came in third after the votes were tabulated.

Bowman spoke highly of all the candidates for SFC Chair and said she would feel comfortable working under any of them.

The SFC is a standing subcommittee of ASPSU and is responsible for recommending how to allocate student fees to student groups.