Suns’ Out, Baby!

DJ Salinger Weekly Playlist


On top of all the amazing concerts in Portland over the last week, the sun has been teasing and tempting us to run outside. The summer blues, love and nights are just around the corner, and the devil is knocking on our door: “It’s time to go.”

  1. Spill the Wine – War & Eric Burdon, Eric Burdon Declares “War” (1970)
  2. Cycles of Existential Rhyme – Chicano Batman, Cycles of Existential Rhyme (2014)
  3. Alec Eiffel – Pixies, Trompe le Monde (1991)
  4. Tesselation – Mild High Club, Skiptracing (2016)
  5. How Blue Can You Get? (Downhearted) – B.B. King, Blues in My Heart (1963)
  6. Born on the Bayou – Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bayou Country (1969)
  7. Me and the Devil Blues – Robert Johnson, Me and the Devil Blues (1937)
  8. This Ain’t Living – G.Love & Special Sauce, G.Love & Special Sauce (1994)
  9. Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) – The Hollies, Distant Light (1972)
  10. This Charming Man – Stars, Nightsongs (2001)
  11. Female of the Species – Space, Spiders (1996)
  12. Lowdown – Boz Scaggs, Silk Degrees (1976)


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