This Week Around the World

May 25 Mexico City, Mexico: Archaeologists discovered the remains of at least 60 mammoths, including fully grown males and females as well as their young, near the construction site of…

A Quranically-based vision

Dr. Aisha Musa, a PSU and Harvard alumna, spoke on campus Jan. 22 to educate on the word of the Quran, specifically on the concept of inter-religious relations and multiculturalism. …

‘Climate comes before cash’

Norway’s Labour Party blocked oil exploration in the northern Lofoten Islands on April 5. Many Norwegian youth are now calling for a complete stop to oil drilling in the country….

Italexit, Europe’s new Brexit

Italy has recently been questioning whether or not to leave the EU. After Brexit rocked the political scene in Europe for several years, an “Italexit” could be on the horizon….

‘We are scared, listen to us’

Thousands of young students throughout Europe are skipping school and gathering in protest, demanding immediate action against climate change. The protests began in August when 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta…