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The starving student’s slotted spoon, stove, and saloon

Potage a la riz
Rice, condensed soup.
Under $3.50

One can only eat so many ramen noodles before one gets a little edgy, and a little crazy in the eye.

So in an attempt to minimize the number of edgy-eyed students wandering campus we present the “The starving student’s slotted spoon, stove, and saloon,” a weekly recipe to hopefully keep some skin on your bones and your mind clear and concise.

Today’s dish: Potage a la riz.
Ingredients rice and one can condensed soup. Serves one to two.

First you’ll need a saucepan and lid to prepare the rice. Rice preparation is pretty straightforward: bring water to boil. Toss rice in. Lower heat to simmer, cover and let cook for 20 minutes. The rule of thumb for rice is that the amount of water, which will be the final quantity of cooked rice, should be half again the amount of uncooked rice. Therefore, if you need three cups of rice go with three cups water and two cups uncooked rice. One cup rice is 1 cup water and 2/3 cup uncooked rice. You get the idea.

For potage a la riz, I suggest two cups of cooked rice, but depending on how “soupy” you want your potage you can cut back on the amount. And if you’re looking for more of a stew than a soup make a little extra rice.

Once the rice is cooked you simply take your can of condensed soup, and empty over the rice. Stir in soup until desired consistency, flavor to taste and serve. Personally, for soup flavors I lean towards more hearty, like country vegetable or beef vegetable, and I tend to add a little pepper and cayenne for fun, but that’s just me.

Simple, nutritious and delicious.

This dish is simple and easy, and can be prepared vegan or vegetarian without a lot of fuss.Preparation time is approximately 20 to 22 minutes, but the nice thing it’s just watching the rice cook so you’ve got time to study for that mid-term.

If you’ve a recipe you’d like to share write [email protected]. Requirements of the recipe is it should be easy to prepare, no more than two pots and inexpensive, under $3.50. Should it be healthy, or at least not too laden with cholesterol and sugar, that would also be beneficial. Bonus points if it can also be adapted for the vegan and/ or vegetarian.