Vikings blow out Geoducks in first official exhibition game

The first official exhibition game of the Portland State Men’s Basketball season took place at Lewis and Clark Pamplin Sports Center, PSU’s temporary home court, against Evergreen State University at 1 p.m. on Sun. Nov. 5.

PSU’s new Basketball Head Coach Barret Perry brought high energy to the court. He said he’s excited for it to finally be November and to actually feel like basketball season, especially with the timing and new opportunities coming for the team.

Saturday’s game started with a strong, fast paced lineup where Viking Bryce Canda shot a three-pointer within one minute of starting. By 15:56, the Vikings were ahead 18-6. During the first half, the Vikings proved the Evergreen Geoducks to be no challenge.

“We had a balanced attack, and our style for today was looking where I wanted it to be,” said Coach Perry.

At 8:56 p.m., Vikings’ newcomer Jamie Orme, no. 13, got hold of the ball and seized the clear court. To Orme’s advantage, opposing ESU players were unable to guard him as he went full force down the court for a slam dunk.

Vikings’ defense kept the team ahead, not allowing the Geoducks a chance to gain any headway. By halftime, the Vikings were up 61-26.

When the second half began, ESU came back strong. The Geoducks were ready to bring the heat, but Vikings were not about to let that happen. Vikings continued to lead the game throughout the entire second half.

At 15:10 in the second half, Orme came in once again with another rebound dunk, bringing the score to 81-37. Orme received a technical foul for hanging on the rim. Orme shot 20 points and made five rebounds within 18 minutes.

Vikings player number zero, Bryce Canda, scored the hundredth point of the game at 8:13, bringing Vikings’ score to 100-42 points, leading the game with 58 points.

The game ended with PSU Vikings beating ESU Geoducks with a score of 122-67.

“I think we saw good things with this game. It makes me feel like we have a good handle on things and that we are looking for a way to start the season strong,” said Coach Perry. “It makes me excited and ready to prepare some more for our big upcoming game this weekend: cross town rivals are always fun to look forward to.”

Vikings play again at 7 p.m. on Sat., Nov. 11 as they take on their cross town rivals, the Portland Pilots, in the official PSU Men’s Basketball season opener.