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Visit Rec Day at the Stott Center

The first annual Portland State University Sports and Recreation Day will take place tomorrow in the Peter W. Stott Center. Sponsored by the PSU intramural department, the event will run from noon to 3 p.m. and will feature demonstrations, tours and free giveaways.

Every 30 minutes, there will be a tour of the Peter W. Stott Center facilities. The tours are intended to help those who may not know their way around the building.

“We want to let students know what’s available to them,” Alex Accetta, organizer for intramural sports said. “There’s a lot of opportunities to get involved.”

More than 15 clubs will be present to provide information about their organizations, and will be located in the main lobby of the Stott Center for everyone’s convenience.

There will be prize giveaways, including free dance lessons, popcorn, ski tickets to Mt. Hood Meadows and T-shirts every 15 minutes.

There will be demonstrations of tango, Tae-Kwon Do, rowing and even a knot tying forum. And if those don’t appeal to you, try the soccer shootout or free-throw competition.

Whatever your activity, the PSU Sports and Recreation Day has you covered. There will even be blood pressure and pulmonary function tests for those who may be concerned with their overall health. Also, representatives from the Women’s Resource Center will be on hand with information about their program.

For all those would-be mountaineers out there, there will be information about the possibility of putting in a new rock wall. Because student fees are used for projects such as a new rock wall and the Stott Center facilities in general, Accetta says it is important that students should take full advantage of what the Stott Center has to offer.

“This is a student-driven place,” he said. “Sports recreation involves more than just the jocks.”

The main intent of the event is to let every one know what the Stott Center and all the clubs that utilize it are about. Also it will provide ways for students to get in shape and maybe learn a thing or two about general health.

Accetta is still looking for people to sign up for the dunk contest, scheduled for 2 p.m. Students who want more information about the event should contact Accetta at 503-725-8787 or Meliah Guard at 503-725-5647.

The Stott Center is located behind Millar Library and is directly adjacent to the football practice field.

PSU Sports and Recreation Day Schedule of events

12-3 p.m. Information Tables in Stott Center Main Lobby

12 p.m. First Stott tour

12:30 p.m. Second Stott tour
Tae Kwon Do demonstration
Cut-throat basketball
Soccer shoot out
Rowing demonstration and lessons
Blood pressure tests
Pulmonary function tests

1 p.m. Third Stott tour
Cardio-aerobic class
Free throw contest

1:30 p.m. Fourth Stott tour
Knot tying demonstration

2 p.m. Dunk Contest

2:30 p.m. Tango demonstration
Fifth Stott tour