White power pro-Trump graffiti spotted in PSU bathroom


Hand-drawn depictions of a backward swastika and the phrases “Huwyte PWR” and “Heil Trump” appeared in the men’s restroom on the third floor of Portland State’s Neuberger Hall, as reported around 6 p.m. tonight.

The reporting student, who was disturbed by the presence of this imagery on campus, said it was the only graffiti of this nature they’d personally seen on campus.

The PSU Campus Public Safety Office received a report of the vandalism and dispatched officers to the scene. At 7 p.m., a CPSO dispatcher declined to comment, citing that the report had not yet been approved.

The term “huwyte” is a loose reference to white nationalist Jared Taylor, editor and founder of American Renaissance, a magazine self-described as a “race-realist” publication, while others describe it as white supremacist.

Earlier this week, the Vanguard reported the presence of recruitment flyers at PSU from regional white nationalist group Cascadia. At the time of this report, it is unknown whether the graffiti is directly associated with members of Cascadia.


  1. Media is only fueling the fire when they keep reporting this. They act like it’ll just go away if they “report it.” Liberal State University I mean Portland State University only reports this stuff because 3/4 of the population of students actually support this garbage news.


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