Events calendar: June 6 –11

Tuesday, June 11


2018 Grad Pizza Party

Simon Benson House

11 a.m. Free, all ages

Some people are graduating and that means we can all eat free pizza. The first 200 graduating seniors get a free “Silipint;” budget cuts are cutthroat y’all—every grad is welcome to sign the Class of 2018 banner.

Film & Theater

Black Panther in context: A Panel Discussion

SMSU 333

4 p.m. Free, all ages

Portland State University’s Director of Diversity Education and Learning Lisa Grady-Willis, PSU Director of the School of Gender, Race and Nation Dr. Winston Grady-Willis, and Dr. Jennifer Tappan come together to talk about the comics and box office phenomenon Black Panther as it relates to the real world historical and contemporary contexts that inherently engage with the fictional content of the franchise.


Somalia’s Southern War: The Fight over Land and Labor

Parsons Gallery 212G

5:30 p.m. Free, all ages

Daniel Van Lehman worked as a refugee camp field officer in Kenya and consulted for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the 1990s. Lehman will be lecturing about his experience and the ongoing situation in Somalia.

Wednesday, June 6


Gatorade Pong Tournament

Rec Center Courts 1 & 2

6 p.m. Free, all ages

Registration is free for students and registered teams are guaranteed to play at least two games. All these electrolytes are gonna make this event electro-lit. Did I do that right? Is lit still hip? Do not BYOBooze.


Medieval Monsters in the East, Monstrous Manners in the West

Art Building 200

7 p.m. Free, all ages

Medieval manuscripts are pretty wild, and Maud Pérez-Simon is going to help explain some of the less-than-obvious meanings some of these creatures have in their historical texts.


Tony Bennett

Arlene Schnitzer

7:30 p.m. $45–180, all ages

It’s so cool of Lady Gaga to help out the unknown artist Tony Bennett in her upcoming studio collaboration. Just kidding. Come check out this legendary crooner in a classy venue.

Thursday, June 7


Noon Concert: Music of the Great War

Lincoln Recital Hall 75

Noon, Free, all ages

It’s been a hundred years since the end of Dub Dub One—World War I as the less-hip like to call it. Music history undergrads have curated a selection of compositions from the good people on both sides that were specifically created for and during the Great War.


De-Stress Fest

Cultural Resource Centers SMSU 228

1 p.m. Free, all ages

Chill with some dogs, create your own nachos, decorate your cap and gown and take a de-stress kit. Let’s face it, the 2017–18 school year has been pretty real. With a little de-stressing we can make it, we are so bleepidy bleepin’ close.


PSU Creative Writing & Tin House: A discussion of the Career and Work of Ursula K. Le Guin

The Little Church

6 p.m. Free, all ages

Le Guin’s son Theo Downes-Le Guin, writer and friend Molly Gloss, and Librarian in Special Collections at the University of Oregon’s Knight Library Linda Long with be involved in a panel and discussion facilitated by PSU Assistant Professor in the MFA Creative Writing program Gabe Urza. The panel looks to explore Le Guin’s life as a writer, activist, and literary citizen.

Friday, June 8


Friday Transportation Seminar: The Future of Transit Fare Payments

Karl Miller Center 465

Noon, Free, all ages

Given the controversial nature of transit fare payment options, this is an interesting opportunity to learn what Daimler and BMW think about—and are probably lobbying for—how riders should be able to pay.

Film & Theater

School of Film Annual Celebration

Lincoln Performance Hall 175

4 p.m. Free, all ages

The evening begins with students presenting their work, followed by a reception and closing out with a curated showcase of student work and award ceremony.


Road House: The Play!

The Siren Theater

7:15 p.m. $18–25, all ages

The Siren Theater and Bad Reputation Productions put on some incredible events, but even if it’s terrible it will be an incredible time. Hopefully there will also be a badass blues band that constantly plays in a cage throughout the performance, but probably not.

Sat, June 9

Film & Theater


Ford Food & Drink

7 p.m. $5–10, all ages

The third installment of Justin Buckles Productions and Nae Nae Marshall’s all ages monthly drag revue! Comedy, music and tasty food featuring performers from Portland and all over Oregon.


OMSI After Dark: Tapas & Tequila


6 p.m.$40–70, 21+

If there’s one thing that cures anxiety about the increasing threat of a robot takeover it’s definitely getting a hearty buzz while showing the OMSI robots on display they will never be human enough to really enjoy tasty treats, or will they?!


Opening Reception: “LAX / PDX II” Curated by Thinkspace

Antler Gallery

6 p.m. Free, all ages

Over 70 artists will be on display from notorious Los Angeles gallery Thinkspace. Thinkspace is big in the contemporary art world with a focus that caters to the Juxtapoz crowd. Locals may recognize Josh Keyes and Nosego, among others, for their Portland murals. This show is going to have some high quality work. Mega-whoah.

Sun, June 10

Film & Theater

“Native Wisdom: People of the Oregon Interior”

2 p.m. $7–9, all ages

Environmental changes have altered the cultural and economic lives of Native people in the Pacific Northwest. This documentary, presented by Wisdom of the Elders, seeks to explore and explain some of those effects.

Film & Theater

Supper Time Comedy at Alberta Street Pub

Alberta Street Pub

8 p.m. Free, 21+

Control Yourself left as its host, and local comedy star JoAnn Schinderle left to Los Angeles, as per usual. The comedy night seems to have been in good hands under a new name and new management by co-hosts Corina Lucas, Milan Patel and Silberman.


Avery Sunshine

Jack London Revue

9 p.m. $25–30, 21+

With her powerful vocals and background in gospel music, Avery Sunshine controls the stage. Sunshine is a singer-songwriter who doesn’t beat around the bush.

Mon, June 11


Gay Skate

Oaks Park Roller Rink

7 p.m. $7, all ages

An all ages safe space that celebrates the LGBTQ community, every letter and every color are welcome to come and skate.


Killer Insects versus the White Eagle

The White Eagle

7 p.m. Free, 21+

Back to Back B-Movie horror films featuring some bizarro insects of monstrous proportions.


Video Game Night at PSU

HOTLips Pizza PSU

6 p.m. Free, all ages

It’s finals week. Nothing gets your aggression out like runnin’ laps in the mushroom cup while trying to sabotage your opponents with booby traps and lightning shrink-rays.