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Biden wins presidential election

With 290 Electoral College votes, Democrat Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States. After days of waiting for votes to be counted and watching a close…

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Hill to Hall Oct. 19–23

Oct 19: Oregon’s mask requirements expand amid COVID-19 surge The Oregon Health Authority announced new mask requirements and recommendations, as positive COVID-19 cases in Oregon recently rose to approximately 42,000,…

Get your vote in! 2020

Regardless of the politics in the upcoming election, two tragedies will surely come to pass: People who vote by mail won’t get an adorable “I Voted” sticker, and many other…

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Hill to Hall Aug 24–30

Aug. 24: Oregon applies for federal lost wage assistance The Oregon Employment Department applied for a federal payment program covering lost wages, which would pay $300 weekly to unemployed Oregonians….

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Hill to Hall August 10–12

Aug.10: Oregon Legislature convenes and concludes special session Oregon lawmakers started and ended a one-day special session Monday, fixing deficits in the budget due to the COVID-19 pandemic and passing…

CPSO changes to unarmed patrols

Beginning this fall, Portland State campus public safety officers will no longer carry firearms while patrolling campus.    PSU President Stephen Percy and Chief of Campus Public Safety Willie Halliburton…

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