Kookiest campus crimes of 2015

Being an urban campus lends itself to an array of unique encounters. Crimes on campus are often just as unpredictable as Portland weather. Here’s a list of this year’s wildcards….

Wacky docket

To no one’s surprise, most of these events involve drinking or biking. Or both. March: Urban Iditarod “Idiots” in costumes are tied to a decorated shopping cart and mush all…

Uncanny cuisine

There’s more to weird food in Portland than just putting bacon on your maple bar at Voodoo. There are some other odd, unheard of and downright scary plates out there—but…

Keep Portland weird

I’ll admit it, I’m not from Portland, at least not originally. I grew up in Vancouver, Washington, a whopping 20 minutes north of downtown Portland. For all intents and purposes,…

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