Hill to Hall April 20–24

April 20: U.S. Supreme Court rules non-unanimous jury verdicts banned in Oregon   Non-unanimous jury verdicts were banned in Oregon—the only state left that allowed them—due to a United States…

Hill to Hall Oct. 14–18

Oct. 14: Petitions to recall Governor fail to submit necessary number of signatures  Two petitions, both with the goal of putting the recall of Oregon Governor Kate Brown on the…

Hill to Hall Oct. 7–11

Oct. 7: Supreme Court hears case on non-unanimous juries The United States Supreme Court heard arguments on Louisiana v Ramos, a case which questions a state’s usage on non-unanimous juries….

Hill to Hall: Jan. 22–25

Jan. 22: U.S. Supreme court approves transgender military ban The United States Supreme Court approved President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military in a 5-4 decision….


Betsy West and Julie Cohen’s RBG is a documentary reflecting Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life. The film depicts a world that promotes the simultaneous possibility of human connection and graceful progress—a…

Hill to Hall Oct. 16–18

Oct. 16: Rooftop gun cache discovered before Aug. 4 rally, officials say Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Bureau clarified details on the presence of weapons at an Aug….

DREAMers need our solidarity

Arizona’s Supreme Court has recently ended in-state tuition equity for students without permanent resident status at its state institutions, many of whom identify as DREAMers. While several bills have been…

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